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GroupBuyer proudly operates with a 100% free membership model. We’re committed to your success, which means no hidden fees, no service charges, and no unwelcome surprises.


The power to negotiate

So, how do we do it?

For 20 years we've been building relationships with Aussie property developers. This is our first advantage. The second is in the power of our buying community. Every property developer we've ever met wants fast & reliable sales in bulk. By coming to them with 'groups' of ready buyers we have the ability to negotiate significant discounts where individually each buyer benefits.


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Start your journey by registering with Group Buyer, absolutely free. Just enter your details and property preferences to join our community of savvy investors.


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Based on your preferences, we group you with like-minded investors to strengthen your collective buying power, ensuring everyone gets the best deal.

Negotiate with Developers

With over 25 years of industry experience, Group Buyer negotiates with developers to secure exclusive discounts and favorable terms for each purchaser.


Finalise Your Purchase

Once a deal is secured, each member of the group finalise their individual purchase by signing their unique contract and paying a 10% deposit.


What our clients say

Richard & Stacey

GroupBuyer Member

Rich & Stacey - Sydney

"We were excited to invest in Brisbane alongside Ben and his team. Not only for the strong market but for the project (and price!) we were offered."

Dr Victor Uwagboe

GroupBuyer Member

Dr Victor - London

"I bought my first investment property a few years ago (and paid full price) but this time I went through GroupBuyer!"

Sue & Morgan 2

GroupBuyer Member

Sue - Lake Macquarie

"In terms of investment property purchases, there's no better or cheaper alternative. These guys have hit the nail on the head with group pricing". 


GroupBuyer Member

Bek - Dubai

"I've officially kicked off my international property portfolio with purchases in Brisbane, Dubai & Bali. Love love love my new investments! Thanks Ben"

Ben & Nikki Dobson

GroupBuyer Member

Nikki & Ben - Sydney

"We were part of a group of 5 buyers and we all got $20,000 off our prices. This doesn't happen in Sydney, usually you pay more than list price."

Kel Tate

GroupBuyer Member

Kel - Central Coast

"I think the concept of grouping buyers to negotiate better pricing is clever. If only this was around when I first started investing."

Matt Clifton

GroupBuyer Member

Matt - Manly

"I know a good investment when I see one and Ruby Ruby in Milton QLD is one. Thanks for putting the deal together Ben."


GroupBuyer Member

Luke - Newcastle

"This has got to be one of the best buying models I've seen. As a property investor it's important to buy in at the right price which is what GroupBuyer is all about."

Frequently asked questions

Got questions?

Group buying is where a group of purchasers come together to collectively negotiate a bulk purchase deal or offer with a seller.

In this case, our platform connects a group of property investors to capitalise on their combined purchasing power in order to negotiate a better deal than they could have individually.

By approaching the seller with a larger buying commitment, they have the leverage required to negotiate individual discounts and/or rebates on their independent property purchases.

The advantage of our group buying model is that each investor can still retain ownership and control over their own property. They benefit from economies of scale and the collective bargaining power of the group without sharing ownership of a single property.

It allows individual investors to take advantage of the benefits of bulk purchasing and secure more favourable terms & pricing from the seller.

GroupBuyer will never charge a fee to its buyer members. GroupBuyer is paid by the project developer at successful settlement in return for introducing buyers to his/her project.

A purchase rebate is a type of incentive offered by a seller to a buyer. It is a refund given to the buyer after they have purchased a product or service - in this case a property.

The rebate is a fixed amount or a percentage of the purchase price and is meant to encourage faster purchases and promote customer loyalty.

For GroupBuyer, we are able to negotiate rebates for 'group' sales on the condition that a minimum number of sales are made.

We get asked this question all the time. The thing is, the higher the quality development project (and developer) the less they are prepared to negotiate. In other words, if they don't need to - they won't. That said, with group numbers above 10 buyers we can almost always negotiate upwards to a 10% group discount/rebate. Hence why GroupBuyer was born!

GroupBuyer offer brand new apartments & townhomes, both off-the-plan and newly constructed.

Properties typically range in value from $500,000 up to $1,000,000 and are located across Australia in areas we qualify as high-growth potential. 

GroupBuyer property deals can be secured with a $2k reservation fee (holding deposit). This reservation fee is fully refunded when you pay your 10% property deposit at exchange of contracts.

Speak to your GroupBuyer representative to learn more about reserving your property deal.

Advantages of buying new

Why we love brand new apartments

1. Price Advantage:

Secure a property at today's price, potentially avoiding future increases in property values. The value of the property may increase from the time of purchase to completion, allowing you to build equity and potentially make a profit if you decide to sell in the future

2. Tax Benefits:

Depending on your jurisdiction, there may be tax benefits associated with purchasing off the plan, such as depreciation deductions or incentives for first-time homebuyers.

3. Warranty and Guarantees:

Buying off the plan usually comes with warranties and guarantees provided by the developer, ensuring any construction defects or issues are covered and rectified.

4. Lower Maintenance Costs:

Newer buildings typically require less upkeep, resulting in lower maintenance costs in the initial years comparing to established (older) homes. 

5. Potential Rental Income:

If buying as an investment property, you have the potential to secure tenants before construction is complete, generating rental income from day one.

6. Modern Amenities and Technology:

Newer developments offer state-of-the-art amenities and the latest technology, enhancing your lifestyle and providing convenient and desirable features.

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A message from Ben

Founder, GroupBuyer

Thank you for visiting our website.

I built GroupBuyer after realising the incredible buying power 'groups' of buyers had with property developers. 

Whilst property developers rarely discount for individual buyers, they will almost always negotiate when it comes to bulk purchases (groups of buyers). For developers, time is money so it makes sense to trim their pricing if they're selling faster.

So I figured this was a way to not only help property developers sell faster BUT more importantly help Aussie home buyers & investors purchase for less. 

I want to thank you for being part of our community. Without you we don't have the buying power to do what we do. 

~ Ben Daniel

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